My Wizard Looks Like Goku: Magicka Nippon DLC, Cities in Motion: Tokyo Accounced

Paradox Interactive is quickly becoming one of my favorite publishers. They put out some pretty bizarre games from time to time, but their willingness to take chances with their products is really refreshing these days. And not only are they gambling once again, but their doing it for a good cause. Paradox announced this week that two of their games, Magicka and Cities in Motion, will be releasing brand new Japanese-themed content at the end of the month, and that for the first three days after release, they will donate 50% of the sales of this content to relief efforts in Japan.

Cities in Motion: Tokyo will feature an entirely new campaign starting in the 1970’s and spanning four decades, plus seven new vehicles, and adds Japan’s iconic Monorail system to the game. Meanwhile, the Magicka Nippon DLC will grant your wizard access to a Kimono robe, a Katana sword that cuts through armor, and a bamboo staff that will increase your elemental resistance. No full-on Japanese, Godzilla-fighting campaign, unfortunately, but still some cool stuff.

All this content will be available May 31st, and remember to pick them up quick if you want your money to go to Japan.

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Danl Haas

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