Biomutant - Should You Pick the Myriad or Jagni Tribe?

After what seems like an infinite amount of delays, Experiment 101’s Biomutant is finally here.

The game is full of choices which have multiple implications down the line.

One of the first choices players are presented with is choosing which tribe to ally with, the Myriad or Jagni tribe.

Here’s some information to help make that decision for you.

Biomutant – Explanation Trailer

Biomutant – Explanation Trailer

Differences Between the Myriad and Jagni Tribes

Biomutant has a pretty strong karma system running through the core of the game. Player’s decisions directly impact their karma and the tribes are related to this.

The decision between the Myriad or the Jagni tribe affects this as both have vastly different outlooks on life and their overarching goals throughout the game.

Reasons to Pick Myriad

The Myriad are the tribe of the people – they want to help the world grow and live together in peace and prosperity.

They’re the right pick if you’re looking to do a good karma run as they are as squeaky clean as you can get.

Their weapon of choice is a ranged boomerang, which is not bad if you picked a range class, however, for Melee classes, it’s not fantastic.

In terms of armor, it’s very traditional to the tribe and they certainly have a nice hideout.

Reasons to Pick Jagni

The Jagni tribe are all about survival of the fittest. They don’t care who or what stands in their way, they will fight for survival and for themselves.

They are aligned on the darker side of karma, so if this is the route you want to take, the Jagni are a good start.

The Jagni’s special weapon is a staff, a weapon which I had a lot of fun using – more so than the Myriad’s boomerang.

Arguably, while the Jagni’s base certainly isn’t as nice – their armor looks cooler.

Other than this, it doesn’t make a huge difference to the game, of course, your Sifu will differ, but you can change allegiances further down the line anyway.

So, Myriad or Jagni?

It ultimately depends on whether you’re going light or dark. The Jagni presents a fun opportunity to roleplay in the darker side of things and they definitely have a cooler weapon, however, the Myriad are the nicer, more karma friendly pick.

And ultimately, the weapon shouldn’t be a massive factor as you can receive it after taking down the rival tribe.

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