Mysterious Package Arrives at DualShockers HQ… Makes Us Want Prototype 2

By Joel Taveras

March 25, 2011

Earlier in the week, my favorite UPS delivery man did his usual routine of slamming packages against my front door then hauling ass in his truck. As I made my way to the door to shake my fist at him I thought to myself ” wait a minute, I wasn’t scheduled to review anything this week”. When I get to the door and finally pry it open, I find a larger than normal package on top of my welcome mat. I examine the box and give it a what i can only call a christmas eve-like gift shake (you know the shake I’m talking about), then quickly ran inside before the sun scorched my sensitive gamer skin any longer.

I finally get the box opened and to my amazement, it’s schwag. Not just any schwag, but a Prototype 2 commando sweater. I give it a quick “hmm” then continue to dig deeper into the parcel. In it I find a a giant black envelope with the words “sensitive material” and “classified” in big red letters, however with the logo’s of Prototype 2, Activision, and Radical Entertainment also emblazoned on it the charade is over, and at this point I’m just getting ready for the PR gravy I’m about to served.

Once the seal was broken, I started digging through it’s contents. The first thing i pulled out was a disc, which for a second I thought it would be some kind of demo but I then realized that the game wasn’t coming out until 2012. After a quick check out, I pulled out the disc, threw it into my machine and realized it was nothing more than 3 teaser trailers, 2 of which have already been seen, and one new teaser (and i mean TEASER… like 15 seconds long).  Also on the disc were some hi-res wallpapers showing both Sgt. James Heller and Alex Mercer (Prototype protagonist) in almost like a prize fight poster. It looks much more Ali – Frazier than it does let’s say…  Godzilla – King Kong, but I like it.

Also in the package we find a decent size double sided poster. One side is obviously a poster or banner from the game that reads “Infected? Report It!” and the other side is more Mercer versus. Heller. Seems like these guys don’t like one another. After that I discover another “classified” folder with Project P2 on the cover. Inside it contains some information about James Heller and his involvement in the story. After reading some of the background info I say to myself “Oh that’s why he hates this Alex Mercer guy so much.” The inside of the folder tells the reader to “Uncover The Secrets of NYZ” which for those of you playing at home stands for New York Zero. The last piece of intel found in the package is the April issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly which has a full exclusive preview for Prototype 2.

All in all, I must say that it’s a great way to get the hype train rolling for Prototype 2. For a game that wasn’t really on my radar, this nice little care package has started to peak my interest. Check out some images of everything below as well as the High-Res Wallpapers included on the disc.

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