N++ Ultimate Edition Jumping Onto Xbox One Next Month

N++ Ultimate Edition Jumping Onto Xbox One Next Month

Metanet Software's tough as nails platformer N++ is coming to Xbox One on October 4.

Metanet Software announced today that they will be releasing N++ on Xbox One next month on October 4. You could say that this release brings the series full circle, as N+, this game’s predecessor, gained notoriety and became a smash hit after it released on the Xbox Live Acarde on Xbox 360 back in February of 2008.

For those of you who don’t know know, N++ is a momentum-based platformer where players control a ninja who is trying to navigate and around enemies and collect gold across unique, somewhat minimalist, sci-fi levels. The Xbox One version of N++ includes everything present in the Ultimate Edition of the game, meaning that it contains 60 new color schemes and 4340 hand-crafted levels.

Each level does have a time limit, though players can extend it by picking up pieces of gold. Most of the game’s levels require super precise platforming, but many can only take just a few seconds to beat. The game also has an awesome soundtrack that features songs from around 41 different artists.

You can check out some screenshot of and a launch trailer for the Xbox One version of the game below. N++ is currently available on PC, Mac, and PS4, and will launch on Xbox One October 4.