Platformer N++ Ultimate Edition Releases On Xbox One this Summer

Unleash your inner ninja as N++ Ultimate Edition brings its 4,340 levels to Xbox One this Summer.

After launching on PS4 in 2015 and PC in 2016, Metanet Software is bringing its platformer N++ Ultimate Edition to Xbox One this Summer. The game was actually renamed from its original N++ after receiving a huge update doubling the amount of content in the game. Just how big is it you ask? Well, you’ll need to make your way through 4,340 individual levels to beat the game. So, yeah it’s pretty huge.

The update was only released on PC at the end of April, and even though the PS4 version released first, it won’t receive the update until an unannounced, later time frame. N++ Ultimate Edition will also come with 60 new color schemes along with other ninja headbands and secrets.

In case you’re not familiar with the game, N++ Ultimate Edition is not your normal platformer. Each level requires near perfect precision jumps, parkour wall running, climbing and dodging obstacles with your 2D ninja character. There is a time limit for each level, which can be extended by obtaining pieces of gold. Unlike most games of its genre, it begins at a slightly harder pace and gets increasingly more difficult as you proceed.  If you’re still a bit confused as to the gameplay in N++ Ultimate Edition, just think of Super Meat Boy and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect.

N++ Ultimate Edition does invoke a lot of frustration, however. Many levels take mere seconds to beat, unless you care about the highest rating of course. Earning all the gold in each level gets you a higher score, but is also much more difficult due to the time constraints. In case you’re wondering how difficult, there is currently a PlayStation trophy for dying 5,000 times.

Although no date has been announced yet, N++ Utimate Edition will release this Summer On Xbox One with PS4 receiving the same update.

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