Nail'd Hands-On Impressions

Recently, I was able to get my hands on Deep Silver’s upcoming ATV/dirtbike racing game, Nail’d. Learning the controls took less than half a second, because it was very simplified and easy to pick up. Why were they simple and easy to learn? It is because the game is simple and easy. All you do is race to be number one. That’s it. No fancy drifting, no complicated boost mechanics, none of that stuff. All the controls consist of are to go, go faster, and steering. So how did I feel about this game that will be arriving in a little over a month…

As I was racing, I noticed that the tracks have lots of big air jumps and multiple paths. There is plenty of that sense of speed you get in an arcade style racing game, but that was soon interrupted. As I caught some big air time, I realized that I didn’t get enough control in the air that was intuitively expected. However, that’s not the issue, the issue was Nail’d‘s collision detection. After going off a big jump and I would tap and slightly bump into something, such as a leaf or the corner of a rock, I would crash as if I was the worst player in the world. Talk about being a buzzkill. But then, when I would look as if I was going head on into a boulder, I would miraculously defy the laws of physics, and somehow land vertically and drive off. There was no consistency at all.

Thankfully, the game doesn’t punish you too badly when you crash or drive off the road. The developers of Nail’d saw it fit to respawn you quickly and just as capable of winning the race as everyone else. Also, when you fail to land a large jump, the game respawns you a little after where you should have landed. Now that’s generous.

It’s good to know that the game will have all of its tracks unlocked right off the bat and that there are a good handful of tracks at 16 total. I can’t say that the gameplay was spot on, but I guess I can’t take a game like this too seriously. It’s meant to be picked up and played with quick sessions. Nail’d also has one other mode that isn’t about racing, but rather places the players based on how well they do stunts. I didn’t get to try this mode, but I am told that it plays no different. Soon enough we’ll have our hands on the final product, and let you know about every nook and cranny about this game.

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François Chang

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