Nairi: Tower of Shirin Gets Digital Art Book and OST DLC Available on Steam

You can take the soundtrack from Nairi: Tower of Shirin with you and marvel at the art process with these two new DLC items.

HomeBearStudios’ recently released Nairi: Tower of Shirin has released its original OST and an Art Book today and is available as digital DLC sold separately from the base game.

The OST consists of twenty-nine tracks and is composed by Joshua van Kullenburg. The tracks range from snippets to full pieces of soundtracks that are featured in Nairi: Tower of Shirin. The tracks are available as MP3 files or WAV files.

The Nairi: Tower of Shirin Art Book shows off concept art, the stages art went through, character profiles, and more. Some of the pages will introduce characters and have developer notes explaining the character and the plans HomeBearStudios had for them. You’ll be able to view the gallery below that features some examples of what to expect in the full Art Book.

Nairi: Tower of Shirin if you don’t know is a point-and-click that finds a young girl, Nairi teaming up with a former gang member to discover the secrets of a tower in the city of Shirin. You can find the review here and see what I thought of the game. Nairi: Tower of Shirin allows players to follow a deep story while also attempting to solve challenging puzzles. Some puzzles require items found in the world to be combined, some items are gifted after helping people in need, and other items can be purchased by finding coins around the streets.

Nairi: Tower of Shirin is available now for PC and Nintendo Switch  The Art Book DLC and OST DLC are both sold separately and available on Steam.

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