House of the Dead Overkill Brings Mutant Strippers in Naked Terror

House of the Dead: Overkill is a game I would call classy. Not the kind of classy that’s sipping wine and watching competitive ballet (that’s what classy people do right? Competitive Ballet?). I’m talking Hobo With a Shotgun classy. Machete classy. Cannibal Holocaust CLASSY. The upcoming Extended Cut of the game for the PlayStation 3 is continuing that tradition with the first of it’s two exclusive chapters: NAKED TERROR.

Naked Terror will see you fighting through a stripclub taking on mutant strippers and bikers. You won’t be playing as G and Washington though, but rather as Varla Guns and her stripper friend Candy. I can’t think of a single reason why any PlayStation 3 owner should not own this game, just as every Wii owner needs the original version. You can grab it when it releases on October 25th, and check out some screenshots of Naked Terror after the break. 

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John Colaw

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