Namco Bandai Bringing Xevious and Sky Kid Back as Webcomics, Could Lead to Games

Xevious is a game I hold fond memories of as a child, as it was one of the signs that you were in a good arcade. Everybody had a Galaga or Pac-Man machine, hell even most of the bars I visit these days still have one of the two if not both (often in one cabinet). But Xevious was special. So the news that Namco Bandai was reviving this legendary game even in the smallest function alongside Sky Kid in the form of a webcomic was certainly surprising, to say the least.

The two webcomics will be launched via a new publishing effort called ShiftyLook in March with a third title to be revealed at a later date. Anime News Network has an interview with ShiftyLook producer, editor-in-chief and head Rob Pereyda who told them that each comic will have a three month run and if popular could lead to more comics as well as other merchandising opportunities including the possibility of web/mobile games or even a full console title. More after the break. 

In addition to Xevious, Sky Kid and the third unannounced title ShiftyLook has announced that they are accepting fan input on what other titles they would like to see given this treatment and plan to release all of the efforts in a physical medium at some point. Should a series be chosen that doesn’t have enough content for a graphic novel (usually about 128 pages) it will be put out in an anthology format featuring many stories in a single book.

Sky Kid, will be written by Jim Zub with art by Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz through Udon while Xevious will be helmed by writer Mike Costa and artist Mike Norton via Cryptozoic Entertainment.

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