Namco Bandai Celebrates (Horribly Late) 15 Years of the Tales Series With New Video

Namco Bandai Celebrates (Horribly Late) 15 Years of the Tales Series With New Video

With the impending release of Tales of Xillia, that will finally reach the western shores on August the 6th in the US and August the 9th in Europe, Namco Bandai released a “15th anniversary” video showcasing the history of the Tales series. 

The funny part of this all is that the series actually celebrated its 15th birthday back in 2010 (Tales of Phantasia was released on December the 15th, 1995), so they’re just three years too late with that.

To be fair, the video may be talking about the anniversary of the first western release of the series (Tales of Destiny), that happened in Septermber 1998, but it starts with Tales of Phantasia and it’s still fairly ridiculous to celebrate the 15th anniversary of a series that is almost eighteen years old.

Scratch that…I guess it’s actually appropriate, considering that Namco Bandai is about to release Tales of Xillia in the west now, almost two full years after the Japanese release, where a sequel (that was very conveniently omitted from the video) has already been published several months ago.

I guess they’re so used to be fashionably late with their localizations, that they don’t mind being even more late in celebrating anniversaries. Maybe it’d be time to start speeding the process up, as there’s no practical justification for taking two years to localize any game. I know…I’m not going to hold my breath on that one.