Namco Bandai – How You Tease Me So

Namco Bandai – How You Tease Me So


This may be just a Monday for us, but for Namco Bandai the week started off with a rather cryptic message from a community manager and a site with an odd puzzle of sorts on it. The note came on Facebook, where a community manager for the company said this:


To start off the week, We’ve created a great puzzle for you to solve that will lead to something I GUARANTEE that you will be excited about. The puzzle is hard, but I will be giving out clues and hints to help you along. Stay Tuned for more…

Now, this could be a ton of thing, but the fact that he emphasized “guarantee” leads me to believe it is something fans of the company and its franchises really want. One word comes to mind – Tales. If this is a Tales of Xillia (or any other Tales) announcement, I’m going to pee myself. Extra pair of pants is packed, for those who want to know.