Namco-Bandai Shows Off Concept Art from New PS3 Tales Game

Namco-Bandai Shows Off Concept Art from New PS3 Tales Game


Last week word got out that there were going to be two Tales titles coming to the PS3. One is a high-def remake of the Wii’s Tales of Graces. The second is a brand new, yet-to-be-named Tales title, designed from the ground-up for the PS3. We saw a magazine scan with some concept art then, but today Namco-Bandai released the images officially, to give us just a glimpse of this new game in the franchise.


The artwork itself looks lovely, I’m always a big fan of this stuff. However, it is far from screens of the final product. Hopefully the team at Namco-Bandai can successfully marry the classic, anime-style visuals that the franchise is known for with the raw power of the PS3 to create an awesome entry into the franchise. Might I also remind you that the PS3 is the only current system that has not seen any Tales release whatsoever. Even the Xbox 360 has Tales of Vesperia under its belt. So, let’s hope we see this title in Western regions, as well. Hit the jump to check out two more, strangely tiny, pieces of artwork.