Namco Bandai Talks Tales, Gives Release Window for North America and Europe

By Chad Awkerman

May 11, 2011

Namco Bandai held their Level Up event in Dubai today, and among other things, spoke about their two upcoming Tales titles to be released in North America – Tales of Graces f and Tales of the Abyss. I’m not going to rehash what each of those titles is about, or where they come from, because I’ve done that a dozen times in other posts. In fact, the entire press release we received was just detailing information we already have known for months.

What we didn’t know are the release windows for both titles, and it actually came as quite a bit of a surprise. I don’t know who’s localizing Tales of Graces f (which will be released for the PS3 only, no original Tales of Graces on the Wii), but in this day and age, should it really take a year and a half or more to localize a game? No, it shouldn’t. Tales of Graces f has been pegged for a 2012 release here.

Why do I know it doesn’t take that long to localize one of these titles? Because Tales of the Abyss for the 3DS will be out this year in North America and Japan. I suppose this one was technically already localized for the PS2 back in the day, but c’mon, I’ll reiterate – does it really take 18 months or more to localize a game these days? Seriously?

So, in summary: 2012 release for Tales of Graces f (PS3) and 2011 release for Tales of the Abyss (3DS).

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