Namco Explains Why SoulCalibur V's Story Mode Features So Few Characters

SoulCalibur V, in comparison to past series entries, is very short on single player content. This is a fact, not an opinion, and I elaborate on that plenty here. The biggest offending feature is perhaps the game’s story mode, which focuses on two newcomers, and excludes dozens of characters from the series’ long and storied history. Namco doesn’t disagree that this mode is more than a bit gimped – to the contrary, they agree wholeheartedly. According to director Daishi Odaishima, 75% more story content was originally planned for the title.

There was going to be a story for each individual character, as some past series installments have featured. Unfortunately, time/resource constraints kept this idea from coming to life. What’s more is that voice work for some of the characters’ stories had already been recorded by the time the team realized the original plan wouldn’t fly. It’s really just too bad, as several fans like myself were certainly disappointed by the lack of individual endings for the characters.

It’s still a pretty fun game to play nonetheless.

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