Namco is Speeding Things Up for Soul Calibur V’s Gameplay

Namco is Speeding Things Up for Soul Calibur V’s Gameplay

When the first game-play for Soul Calibur V was shown, the first thing I noticed was how quick the game-play was. I even’t went so far as to say that it looked like Soul Calibur on crack. Honestly, I really said that. Project Soul has confirmed that this is one of the goals they’re aiming for with SCV. That and to make it more responsive and lighter.

While addressing the speed seems pretty understandable, I’d always thought SC‘s controls were pretty tight. I wouldn’t necessarily call the game difficult to pick up either, but I view the changes as a good thing. Adam Rosenburg of had this to say after demoing the upcoming fighter:

“Project Soul’s aim for this sequel was to deliver an experience that is ‘lighter, faster and more responsive.’ It seems like that sought-after goal is being realized based on what was shown, but only hands-on time will tell the full story”

The game-play shown in the trailer looks excessively fast and exciting, and I do trust Namco to take good care of one of their most celebrated franchises. Let’s hope no one regrets giving them the benefit of the doubt. Soul Calibur V will be available on HD consoles in January of next year.