Namiji - the Sequel to the Excellent Takaido - Is Live on Kickstarter

Namiji is the gorgeous sequel to Tokaido, on the better introductory board games of the past few years. The game's Kickstarter campaign is now live.

Antoine Bauza’s Tokaido is one of the most easily recommendable board games for players new to the hobby. The game features incredible art and mellow gameplay. This results in one of the most serene experiences you have playing tabletop games. So, when Funforge brought Bauza’s follow-up to Kickstarter late last week, my ears immediately perked up.

Namiji is the next chapter in the Tokaido universe. This stand-alone game has 2-5 players traveling the seas on a journey of discovery. The Kickstarter promises that Namiji will remain accessible, but boasts “great replayability”.

Players take on the role of Japanese fishermen who have set out to explore the seas south of Tokaido road. To have a successful voyage, you must catch the many different types of fish. You do this with either a line, net, or traps. Along the way, you’ll have opportunities to improve your equipment and appease the gods of the sea, who will grand you various rewards.

Personally, it’s the art that immediately sold me. The illustrations done by Naiade are absolutely gorgeous. There’s something to be said for table presence, meaning how a game looks laid out on your table. There are not many games out there that look better than Namiji. The Kickstarter edition also included pre-painted boat miniatures, which take the game over the top in terms of production. Simply said, Namiji might be one of my favorite looking games of 2019.

Now, backing a Kickstarter is always a bit of risk and Funforge has had to cancel projects in the past. However, Namiji has already blown past its initial funding goal. It also doesn’t hurt to have a name like Antoine Bauza behind your game.

Namiji is available on Kickstarter for eight more days at the time of this writing. So, if you’re in the market for a great-looking board game that anyone can enjoy, give it a look.

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