Naoki Yoshida Discusses FFXIV: A Realm Reborn’s Patch 2.1 Update, Including Treasure Maps, Housing and Beast Tribe Quests

on December 13, 2013 9:23 AM

In a new 4gamer interview with FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida details more of the Patch 2.1 updates, including treasure maps, housing and Beast Tribe quests.

Yoshida first reiterates how Patch 2.1 should have been released earlier but was delayed for four weeks due to the need to allocate developers to fix the massive server congestion issue. He also brought up something that happened during the patch’s official release date reveal at the Letter from the Producer LIVE event:

At the 10th Letter from the Producer LIVE the other day, I announced that the implementation date of Patch 2.1 would be on December 17th. From the LIVE audience, they said “don’t [push down the update] unexpectedly fast!” (laughs). I’m a little relieved.

He then delves a bit into Patch 2.05, which had already been released, and how there were a few issues that could not be isolated (mainly Wolves’ Den, Housing and Crystal Tower), which is one of the reasons why Yoshida and his team decided to release one large patch that addressed everything. Naturally there were other reasons for the patch, such as adding in more content to fill out the game, especially for players that weren’t so interested in progressing “vertically” (basically progress through level grinding).


Later Yoshida is asked how the new feature, Treasure Hunting, works in game. Basically you need a treasure map, which can be acquired through various activities, including fishing. Maps are graded between 1 and 5 based on the excellence of the treasure that players can receive, with grade 5 being the highest.

The map must be deciphered in order to be used, however players can trade and sell undeciphered maps with each other. Once the map has been deciphered, the rank will be determined randomly so there is a risk involved in doing so. When decrypting the map, only the area name and part of the zone itself can be seen, which requires players to search on their own. Once they find the treasure, they must face a trap monster before claiming their prize.

You can solo treasure map runs up to grade 4 (the requirement for that being level 50) and any grade 5 maps must be completed with a party of four to eight members. There is also a time limit to claim your treasure but players can repeat the map as many times as they like.

Oh and as a heads up, for the grade 5 runs, treasure is given to members based on the Need/Greed/Pass system used in other dungeons. A quest available at level 30 gives you access to the treasure maps sidequest.


Next we learn about the Beast Tribe quests, which are daily and not only net players tomestones but also allow for a deeper understanding of this tribe that is normally at odds with humans, such as their way of life, religion and culture. There is a meter that measures the character’s relationship with the Beast Tribe but that meter does not affect other races’ relationships–meaning that players can befriend all races.

In terms of housing, there will immediately be more than 300 kinds of materials for the house’s aesthetics and about 40-50 more types with each update. Of course there will be rare material available as well but that he yet to be fully detailed. The pricing system for housing and property will also be announced in the future. However, it was revealed that the land that can be purchased is dependent on players’ Free Company ranking.

You can read up on the full list of updates in Patch 2.1 here.

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