Naraka: Bladepoint Twitter Drops New Screenshots Amidst Some Dank Memes

Naraka: Bladepoint Twitter Drops New Screenshots Amidst Some Dank Memes

Naraka: Bladepoint shows off some new clips and images of one of the main city's through the world's best medium: dank memes.

During the Game Awards, a gameplay trailer for a new title called Naraka: Bladepoint was revealed. The official Twitter account decided to share some brand new images of what seems to be one of the cities in the best way possible: with the use of memes. The first tweet shows off a breathtaking aerial view of one of the cities as the female protagonist walks across the rooftops:

The next tweet showcases two other screenshots of that same city but from a ground view. Fans might recognize this line from Cyberpunk 2077, specifically the line of the Keanu Reeves’s character “We Have a City to Burn.” It’s possible that the line hints at the importance of said city — in fact it could even be a main city.

And here are those same images, now enlarged for your viewing pleasure:


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The details contained in each environment screenshot is incredible. You get a real sense of the atmosphere contained within the unkempt buildings and stone roads, as they’re taken over by greenery. And the colorful trees in the background add a great pop of vibrance and color to the setting.

According to the official description of Naraka: Baldepoint on its Steam page: it’s “designed to provide a brand new experience of combat and world exploration, featuring a boundless movement system, an aim-at-whatever-you-want grappling hook, and a sophisticated combat system involving accessible block and parry mechanics.”

This action-heavy game fused with Asian culture will release sometime in 2020, although a specific release date hasn’t been revealed at this time. Hopefully we’ll be getting even more gameplay trailers before then, as the teaser that aired during the award’s show was more than enough to grab my interest.

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