Narrative-Based Adventure Game The Wayward Isles Announced for PC

Narrative-Based Adventure Game The Wayward Isles Announced for PC

Developer Ironheart has announced its first game, The Wayward Isles. The title will be an action/adventure with a heavy focus on story and actual Scandinavian folklore.

Ironheart, a small development team made up of industry veterans, has announced its debut title The Wayward Isles will be coming to PC sometime in 2018, with the possibility of a console release to follow.

The Wayward Isles is an action/exploration title set in an open world where players will need to solve puzzles, form alliances, and engage in the occasional scuffle as they adopt the role of Scyld, an aging exile returning to his birth island. On Orkney islands, Scyld is pulled into a conflict with a mysterious group known as the Odd Folk, and must traverse morally grey waters in order to succeed in his endeavors.

The Wayward Isles draws its inspiration from the folklore and culture of Scandinavia and the real-life Orkney islands. The game borrows this culture in order to establish a low fantasy setting with some elements of magic. Much like the people of the Orkney islands, Ironheart says that those in-game will feel very real.

“The people you’ll meet will have a fully realized and unique way of life with their own superstitions, traditions and ceremonies. To succeed amongst them will mean learning and negotiating the rules of a society governed by strict family hierarchies and ritual feuds.”

For now, the game is still in early stages of development. Ironheart says The Wayward Isles will begin a Kickstarter campaign soon, with a 2018 release thereafter.