Narrative Director Stephen Gallagher Talks About Thief’s Story and The City

Narrative Director Stephen Gallagher Talks About Thief’s Story and The City

Hollie Bennett has a chat with Narrative Director Stephen Gallagher about the story and the world of the upcoming stealth title, Thief.

We learn that the backstory of Thief follows Garrett and his former protege, Erin. He was training her to be a thief like himself but her methods turned out to be far more cruel. While Garrett has a strict moral code about killing, she has no such qualms, which causes their split. Later on, Garrett and Erin are reunited by an old friend and client for a mission and she kills again naturally, causing a huge disagreement. He steals the claw that Erin used to kill during the mission in order to prevent her from murdering again. Unfortunately she falls to her death since the claw she would have used to save her life was in Garrett’s possession. Garrett falls as well and he awakens in The City, discovering that it’s been taken over by a man named The Baron and that there’s a huge political struggle now between the rich and the poor.

Gallagher states that the development team chose to use the first person point of view to get a proper story narrative. Garrett doesn’t speak to other people and so the only way the player learns about The City is through his own monologue. The City itself is also like its own character and as such changes as Garrett moves along in the story, in order to reflect the increasing conflict between the citizens.

Finally, Gallagher makes the point that the writers and the developers must work together cohesively when working on a game. His job as Narrative Director is to facilitate that relationship and to do a lot of the world building for Thief.

You can watch the entire video posted below for all the details.