NASA Teams up with Kerbal Space Program to Bring a New Mission to Players

NASA intends to partner with the developers of the Kerbal Space Program in order to promote a real world mission they hope to be undertaking by the year 2025.

NASA intend to land a manned flight on an asteroid by the year 2025, but want to promote this mission first. They found the ideal format in the immensely popular indie title Kerbal Space Program, a game which many members of NASA already play.

The mission itself will involve flying along side an asteroid and then pushing into the orbit of Kerbal’s home planet. Provided they manage not to wipe out all life on the planet below, they then have to land on the asteroid.

Kerbal Space Program’s creator Felipe Falanghe feels privelaged to work NASA on this project.

I look up to NASA as one of the pinnacles of human achievement. It’s not just an American space program. It’s an inspiration for all mankind.

There’s currently no news on when this project will be completed.

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