NASCAR ’14 Developers Explain Launch on Current-Gen, Not Enough of a Next-Gen Install Base Yet

NASCAR ’14 Developers Explain Launch on Current-Gen, Not Enough of a Next-Gen Install Base Yet

Although the fervor and excitement of the PS4 and Xbox One launch has still been going pretty strong, many games/developers have been reluctant to make the jump to the next-gen just yet, and for good reason: mostly, it’s an argument of economics.

Eutechnyx, the developer of the upcoming NASCAR ’14, spoke to Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard about the game’s new features and online play, but also mentioned why when creating the game, they had the current-gen in mind, rather than to try and get ahead on Xbox One and PS4. Eutechnyx’s executive vice president, Ed Martin, spoke with Extra Mustard and mentioned the release owed in large part to Sony’s Gran Turismo 6, released last December on PS3:

“The nail in the coffin was when a guy from Sony talked about Gran Turismo, and how their new game was launching on PS3. He said something like, ‘Why would we put Gran Turismo on a console that has zero units in the market when there are 150 million PlayStation 3s out there?’”

“Well, it’s a great question. It costs us about $6 million to develop a next-gen version of NASCAR. You have to sell an awful lot of copies in order to meet the development costs, on top of all the licensing. There are about 4-5 million worldwide combined units of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so it just doesn’t add up for us right now. We own the rights, and we absolutely have plans, but it won’t be later this year.”

After Sony released Gran Turismo 6 at the end of last year for the PS3, both for financial safety and to show gamers their commitment to making content for its previous system, it seems Eutechnyx has a similar option in mind with it latest game. Although the newest game may be heading to current-gen, it’s probably safe to say that the developer will definitely have its sights on next-gen, once some more units are out there in the wild.

NASCAR ’14 releases for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on February 18th, 2014.