NASCAR Heat Evolution Will Feature 40-Player Online Races; Three Online Modes Revealed

on August 8, 2016 2:27 PM

Monster Games and Dusenberry Martin Racing revealed today on PlayStation Blog that NASCAR Heat Evolution will feature 40 player online races.

These games will be hosted by a server, to avoid issues related to having a single player host, such as a poor connection. There are three different online lobbies available in the game:

  • No Rules: If you’re a beginner just looking to learn, bump, and crash (or you just want to bump and crash), the No Rules lobby is for you. This is a great place to practice, try things out, or just have a good time with friends.
  • Normal: For players who want to test their skills but are still looking for a good, clean, and friendly race.
  • Hosted: This lobby is for people who are more serious about racing. Race hosts will have the option to decide which level of player can join the race session. For example, if the host only wants racers level 5 or higher, he or she can set that parameter when creating the session. In addition, hosts have the right to boot players from their game.

Players have the option to either join an existing session of one of these modes or create their own. When you create your own session, you can select the track, number of laps, fuel/tire wear and max number of players. Once a race has been created, it will begin in 60 seconds regardless of whether it is filled or not.

They also revealed that, due to the amount of resources required to balance a 40-player online race, caution flags won’t be available in the game.

You can look at some new screenshots and a trailer of the game below. NASCAR Heat Evolution will be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 13


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