Naser: Son of Man Is a 2D Shooter Set in an Incredibly Gorgeous Steampunk World

BioShock: Infinite meets Gears of War in a 2D cover-based shooter. That's probably the best way to describe Naser: Son of Man.

Enlightened Robot Entertainment, a.k.a. ERE Studios has recently revealed its debut project, Naser: Son of Man, during the Gamescom 2020 event with an official gameplay trailer that will remind you of some of the best games you’ve ever played.

Naser: Son of Man is a 2D cover-based shooter set in a steampunk world called Promised Land. Playing as Naser, the king of Persia, you will start a journey to the west, where Queen Elizabeth dominates most of the nations in the world, thanks to her unbeatable robotic army. After Queen Elizabeth’s army stole a magical artifact from the land of Persia, leaving Naser’s empire in flames and ashes, the King attempts to get the crystal back and destroy the British army. Here you can check out the trailer:

Set in a 19th-century steampunk world, Promised Land has some obvious similarities to Ken Levin’s BioShock Infinite in environmental design. A gorgeous world, equipped with cutting-edge technologies, that has seemingly provided a happy life to its residents, but for the cost of ruining millions of lives.

Using various weapons and guns, you should wipe the robotic enemies out of your way to the Queen’s castle. As the gameplay trailer shows off, there are a bunch of cool weapons available for Naser, including a Gears of War-inspired chainsaw-equipped gun that allows you to tear your enemies apart when they are close enough. Aside from guns, players will also be able to get help from the hand of God for destroying the enemies.

Currently, there is no exact release date for Naser: Son of Man. The game doesn’t have a publisher yet, but it targets PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC as launch platforms. The game has been under development for nearly two years, powered by the Unity engine. For more information about Naser: Son of Man, you can visit its official website.

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