Nathan Drake Speaks for Subway in New Commercial, I Still Prefer Quiznos

on October 1, 2011 5:30 PM

Gaming superstar Nathan Drake alongside Sony and Naughty Dog, have teamed up with Subway for a new ad campaign featuring the formidable explorer apparently trying to save his sub and his soda from dangerous situations.  Marketing like this is nothing new, but it is the first time in recent memory that a specific video game character has starred in a commercial not for his own game, but as the spokesperson for a product.  You can catch the commercial, and my no doubt sought after opinions on the commercial, after the jump.

The actual commercial is harmless enough, and a subway sub is going to be marginally healthier than something like Mountain Dew and Doritos.  That and it is always fun to see what kind of wacky situations Drake gets in to.  I can honestly say that it isn’t that hard to imagine Drake eating at one of these restaurants, though that is a tribute more to Naughty Dog’s writers and Nolan North’s voice acting.

I think that as long as the commercialization doesn’t affect the game play or the atmosphere of the actual game, then advertising like this ad should not be a problem.  When marketing and other companies start getting involved in actual game play however, there lies a problem, and this does not seem to be the case with this commercial.


I wonder if they gave Drake a lifetime of Free Subs.

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