Natsume Announces Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley

on June 3, 2014 1:43 PM

Harvest Moon, the beloved farming RPG, is now moving into a three-dimensional setting with Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. The newest entry in the series will arrive for 3DS in North America later this year. It is emphasized in the press release about how the latest title will be a step forward for the series.

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is truly evolving the franchise. Hardcore fans will love it, players who haven’t played a Harvest Moon game in a while will want to try it out, and new players will be introduced to the unique and charming world that is Harvest Moon,” said Hiro Maekawa, President & CEO of Natsume. “But the incredibly exciting thing that really elevates the game is that while it does get back to what everyone loves about the early games, it also innovates in a way that no Harvest Moon game ever has.”

In Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, you’ll be able to play in a fully customizable world, creating your fields in any way you wish. The press release detailed, “From a field of tulips like you might see in Holland, to a valley filled with water like Venice, the choice is up to you. You’ve never played a Harvest Moon game quite like this!”

The title should make its first appearance at E3.




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