Natural Doctrine Dev: PS4 is “Nuclear Energy,” Has “Tremendous Power;” Explains Vision for the Game

Natural Doctrine Dev: PS4 is “Nuclear Energy,” Has “Tremendous Power;” Explains Vision for the Game

Kadokawa Games’ PlayStation exclusive strategy JRPG Natural Doctrine is still partly shrouded by mystery, but producer Kensuke Tanaka shed some light on the game today in an interview on Famitsu, during which he also expressed a very strong enthusiasm for Sony’s PS4.

Here’s a summary of the most relevant points he made:

  • The decision to make a strategy JRPG was made because it’s a great genre, especially within the Japanese gaming industry. In the past Japanese developers have create great strategy JRPGs and Kadokawa hopes to help the genre evolve.
  • The developers aim to take “two steps ahead” within the genre, or even just one step.
  • The point of view combines third person with bird-eye view, and while the combat is turn-based, there are innovative mechanics bound to time and space in development.
  • Kadokawa decided to develop the game on PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 simultaneously to be able to serve all PlayStation users, while playing up to the strengths of each platform.
  • Cross save will be supported. The game will have a single player mode and a multiplayer mode, both cooperative and competitive. In multiplayer the game will be cross-play as well.
  • To celebrate the release of the PS4 a “take away pack” will be offered in Japan offering both the PS4 and the PS Vita versions together for a convenient price.
  • The multiplayer mode us “half the charm of the game,” and you can enjoy cooperating with other users to take out a powerful enemy, or compete with each other to help polish each other’s tactics.
  • It’s difficult to use up all the “overwhelming power” of the PS4, but Kadokawa hopes to express it in the environments, by using dynamic depth of field and its potential for multiplayer fun.
  • The PS4 has “tremendous machine power” and a rich expressive power, and using that requires considerable development resources. Tanaka-san thinks games with incredible graphics will be released for it, but Natural Doctrine doesn’t go in that direction, but instead aims to provide a strategy RPG where you can enjoy the world on all platforms.
  • Tanaka believes the PS4 embodies a straight forward and pure feeling of enjoying the games. It’s an energy source, and Tanaka-san thinks that developers make games to be part of that energy. He feels that the PS4 is like nuclear energy, and the nuclear market has opened great possibility.

It’s hard not to feel the enthusiasm in Tanaka-san’s words, and even if Natural Doctrine will appear on three different platforms with extremely different hardware power, he seems to be more interested in creating a fun game than one that will boggle our minds with technological fireworks.

As a strategy JRPG fan, I’m definitely excited for Natural Doctrine, and I’m definitely hoping that Kadokawa will bring it over to the west, maybe offering the cross buy package here as well.

Below you can an excerpt of the same interview in video form, courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia.