Naughty Bear Gets Naughtier

on January 14, 2010 3:28 PM

As everyone watched the first trailer of Naughty Bear, one would wonder how Naughty Bear would get even to those who treated him badly. Well you did not have to go far in that head of yours. His name is Naughty, and I have a feeling he was dubbed that name for a reason. As we can tell in this next trailer of the Naughty Bear game, Naughty Bear only wants to play with his boom stick.

The other bear had it coming. If someone made fun of me when I tried to do something good for someone, of course the first thing I think of is shooting that person in the head with a shotgun. Sure it can only be ethical in my imagination, but in a game, anything goes. No one should have pity on that bear, just applause for Naughty Bear. The next trailer will be available soon.