Naughty Dog: 50% Chance to Do The Last of Us’ Sequel, Excited About PS4’s Memory

Naughty Dog: 50% Chance to Do The Last of Us’ Sequel, Excited About PS4’s Memory

The Last of Us‘ Creative Director Neil Druckmann and Game Directior Bruce Straley responded quite a few questions from the fan during an Ask Us Anything session on Reddit.

Besides sharing a lot of information on the design philosophy and inspiration behind The Last of Us and its story DLC Left Behind, the two developers shared a few tidbits of information on the team’s future.

First of all Druckmann mentioned that there’s a 50% chance for the team to develop a sequel to The Last of Us. In the same reply he also confirmed that the team working on The Last of Us is separate from the Uncharted team.

If you’re asking about a sequel… right now I’d say it’s 50/50.

He also explained that Sony has complete trust in Naughty Dog, and gives them full freedom in deciding whether to create a sequel or moving on with something else.

Sony has complete trust in us. It’s really up to us to come up with something that will keep the team inspired for the next several years — which is why we don’t take the decision of what we’ll work on next lightly.

Straley also mentioned that the team didn’t have much time with the PS4 yet, but he’s excited about the additional memory coming with Sony’s new console.

Dunno really – the DLC is on the PS3, so we haven’t gotten a whole lot of time with the “next-next gen” hardware. But I’m excited about having more memory, until we use it all up again!

So there you have it, we’re probably still far from knowing whether The Last of Us will have a sequel or not, but the responsibility for that decision rests (almost?) entirely on Naughty Dog’s shoulders.

Personally, I’m a bit conflicted on the issue. While I loved The Last of Us and I most certainly wouldn’t dislike the idea of a sequel, I’d also love to see the studio tackle another entirely new IP. What about you?