Naughty Dog Believes “About 80% of the People That Own a PS4 Have Never Played Uncharted”

Naughty Dog Believes “About 80% of the People That Own a PS4 Have Never Played Uncharted”

With the launch of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Naughty Dog sees it as another remaster success oppurtunity.

Naughty Dog’s Community Strategist Eric Monacelli mentioned the succes The Last of Us Remastered had, and that Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection can achieve that level as well.

“I do, personally, expect the Uncharted Collection to do as well as The Last of Us Remastered.”

“Company-wide, our studio loves it. They set the bar at [the studio porting the games to PS4] Bluepoint and did a really good job with everything – adding new features and making sure that everything looks good.”

“So, yeah, our expectations are high for it. We hope it does quite well.”

He continued to point out the fact that a large amount of PS4 owners didn’t play Uncharted before, around 80% of them to be exact.

“It’s pretty massive, we did a lot of research and discovered that about 80 per cent of the people that own a PS4 have never played Uncharted, period. That was one of the reasons why we thought remastering it would be a good idea.

“The other reason is we decided we wanted to do it; especially when we got The Last of Us Remastered done, we thought “Oh man, this would be cool if we could go back”.”

Rumors about The Last of Us 2 has been flying around the last couple of months, and Monacelli denied that by saying that Naughty Dog is currently focusing on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End for now. However, he continued to say that the idea exists.

“We tend to work on one game at a time, Uncharted 4 is what everybody’s working on. After that, we’re going to be working on Uncharted 4 DLC.”

“Beyond that, there’s been tons of ideas bandied around – everybody knows the rumour about The Last of Us 2. There could potentially be – who knows? We could go back to Jak and Daxter 4 if it seems right, or there could be something else in the future on our horizon.”

“We tend to work with an idea always on the board and then once we have time to devote the right amount of attention to it, then we’ll tackle it.”

Maybe we will see a brand new game from Naughty Dog, who knows?