Naughty Dog Caves to the Mob

Naughty Dog Caves to the Mob

Uncharted 2 is a huge title that is going to hit us all in 15 days, but some media outlets have gotten their hands on early copies and begun their adventure in treasure hunting early. With reviewers playing through the early stages and trying to get the most out of the game experience they also enabled the function to have Twitter Update as you play through the game. Specifically when you beat a chapter a Twitter message goes out stating that you have beat “X Chapter in Uncharted 2.” Nothing really mind altering, but some users of Twitter were getting upset at the frequency of the updates so Sony and Naughty Dog decided to pull the plug on it for now. The Twitter feed has been disabled and now people can go back to wondering what the reviewers and other players are doing.

Quite frankly the Twitter feed frequency did not bother me one bit and I found it interesting to see how long it was taking certain players to get through the game. Why people were complaining about this is insane to me?! Twitter in general feeds at a ridiculous rate once you are following over a hundred people, so this would have just gotten get worse once the retail copies hit the street. Perhaps Sony will tweak this function a bit via a patch to placate the mob, but i say just leave it alone. Adding the functionality shows us two things, first that Twitter is really infiltrating more and more of the gaming culture and secondly that Sony and Naughty Dog are looking to keep innovating in their titles, kudos to them both, but shame on them for catering to the clamoring of the mob. Sony and Naughty Dog should have stood their ground and left the functionality in, especially since the game had not even launched yet and gamers were already complaining. Gamers love to complain about every little thing and if devs become too interested in what the mob is thinking this may stifle their creativity and possibly change the shape of certain titles in a negative way.

I also don’t understand what the big damn deal is since there are services out there now like Raptr that do the exact same thing and tell me what other gamers are doing via Twitter already, this in-game feature is no different and I really hope Sony brings it back.

So we’ve seen some concern about the frequency of updates for those choosing to use UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves‘ Twitter support. Some reviewers have had early access to the game and selected the option to update their Twitter accounts as they completed each chapter of the game. This has resulted in some Twitter feeds being updated multiple times an hour. We obviously want to provide the best experience for everybody, so for the time being we’ve disabled Twitter updates on chapter completions. The option will still exist in the menus when the game ships on 10/13, but if activated, it will do nothing. Some time after the game has shipped, we’ll release a patch to reactivate the feature, but with a limit on the frequency of updates.

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