Naughty Dog Celebrating Uncharted 2 Anniversary

Naughty Dog Celebrating Uncharted 2 Anniversary


Starting October 16, 2010 at 12:01 AM PDT, Naughty Dog will be running a one year anniversary event for Uncharted 2 in multiplayer. Those who participate will be able to reap some rewards for playing. For twenty-four hours, people will be able to get quintuple cash rewards with no limit, five playlist favorites and an exclusive Nathan Drake skin for use in multiplayer.

The playlists will make up the “Best of Lab” and will rotate between these five variations:

  • Shotguns Only
  • Plunder Pistols Only
  • No Power Weapons
  • Desert-5 Shootout
  • Deathmatch – No Boosters

All games will be played on these maps:

  • The Plaza
  • The Sanctuary
  • The Train Wreck
  • The Temple

One thing to note is that the anniversary skin will be removed after the event if over, and will be given back a week later to those who have played at least one match during the anniversary day. There will also be a chance to play with one or a few members of the Dog, with 30 in count scheduled to play during the event. These people will be noticeable by their red paws near their names.