Naughty Dog Concept Artist Creates Fantastic Art to Celebrate 30th Anniversary; Releases Free Tutorial

Naughty Dog Concept Artist Creates Fantastic Art to Celebrate 30th Anniversary; Releases Free Tutorial

During the Naughty Dog 30th anniversary exhibition at the Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California, Concept Artist John Sweeney, who is one of the main pencils behind the mood of The Last of Us, hosted a concept art workshop during which he created an absolutely lovely version of the gallery itself translated into the game’s setting.

You can see the artwork just above, but there’s more: Sweeney published a tutorial video showing how he did it on his personal Gumroad page. Often video game artists publish tutorials to teach the trade to less experienced professionals and students for a small price, and Sweeney has several, but this one is fully free (even if you can opt to pay more than zero if you want to show your support).

In a 92 minutes video you can see hos Sweeney uses his mad skills to turn the initial reference image of the Gallery Nucleus into its run down post-apocalyptic version, and maybe learn a thing or two about game concept art from a pro.

I went the week of the show’s opening to take photo reference of Nucleus and some material reference/foliage from the neighboring streets. I additionally used some foliage reference from a recent trip for the foliage, and had the lovely Alexandria Neonakis pose as Ellie for the shot!

In order to download the video you have to head to Sweeney’s page, click on “Naughty Dog 30th Anniversary Concept Workshop at Gallery Nucleus” (there’s also another free one showing the alpha process, if you want to learn more), then  on “I want this!” write “0” or any tip you deem appropriate in the price field, then select “Add to Bundle.” Click on “pay” on the top right and insert your e-mail. A download link for the video will be sent directly there.

If you love Naughty Dog or even just art, I definitely advise watching the whole video. Even if there isn’t any audio commentary (as customary to be fair to the workshop’s attendees) it’s extremely instructional.

As an added bonus, below you can check out some of Sweeny’s personal artwork. If you want to see more, you can check out his Artstation page or his personal portfolio site.