Uncharted 4 Dev: Game Quality “Really Close” to Film Right Now, Will Get Closer in a Few Years

Uncharted 4 Dev: Game Quality “Really Close” to Film Right Now, Will Get Closer in a Few Years

Naughty Dog’s Lead Chracter Artist Frank Tzeng recently took some time away from the paint and palette to talk about the industry, CG animation and just himself in general.

During the hour-long interview with CG Master Acadamy, the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End developer noted that games are increasingly closing the gap in terms of quality with their silver screen counterparts; the big blockbuster movies.

Game quality is really close to film right now, look at the stuff we do in Naughty Dog. This character, I’m telling you guys, this character can easily be a digital double in a film. Based on the quality, the detail, the blend shape, the colour, everything that we put on the character [Uncharted’s Nathan Drake] this is basically a film character to me. So to me, videos games are getting really close to film quality, and this is exactly what I wanted to do.

Tzeng goes on to explain how the power of the PS4 allows for better imagery to be created and speculates that within a few years games will “get there” in terms of matching the quality of movies.

As we have more powerful consoles coming out, so right now we have PS4, it’s definitely more powerful than PS3 and that enables to put more polygons, you know, using more high-res maps and get more resolutions in a game, making more expressions making more blend shapes and wrinkle maps. All of this is getting us one step closer to the film quality that we wanted for the game industry and I think in a few years we can definitely get there.

It’s a bold claim and it’s something that developers have dreamed of ever since the first pixel appeared on a screen. It’s astonishing just how much the industry has grown in general; we’ve gone from two blocks on a screen hitting another block around to full-on Hollywood-style blockbusters, all in the space of around 25 years, a relatively small amount of time when you think about it.

At the moment Frank Tzeng is working on an unannounced AAA game, in the mean time we’ll all be able to check out his hard work on the upcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End which is to release on the PS4 sometime this year. Hopefully.