Naughty Dog Developer Releases Free Thumb Wrestling Game; And it’s Awesome

Naughty Dog Developer Releases Free Thumb Wrestling Game; And it’s Awesome

Developers working for big and popular studios often create smaller games by themselves, and that’s the case of Naughty Dog Game Designer Douglas Holder.

Holder used his spare time while not working on Uncharted 4, which is his current task at Naughty Dog, to create ThumbderDome Wrestling, and calling it original would be an euphemism.

Basically, the game is a two-player local multiplayer game that “simulates” thumb wrestling with quite a few twists.

The concept itself may sound silly to some, but combined with the control scheme, it creates an extremely interesting experience that really makes you appreciate the originality of the idea. That aside, it’s also a lot of fun.

What’s really surprising, and perfectly fitting to the theme, is that the two players play on the same controller, using a thumb stick and a trigger each to control their hand. Not only this pretty much reproduces having your hands locked in a thumb wrestling match, but it’s also probably a lot of fun at parties, with that poor controller tugged and pulled like no tomorrow by drunk friends trying to get the “upper hand” (yes, I made a pun), adding a lovely physical layer to the game.

Add to that four different wrestlers with different super moves (at least visually) and really fetching cel-shaded graphics, and you’ve got a winner.

You can download it here for free for PC and Mac, and below you can see a funny commercial and a large gallery of screenshots directly from my PC.