Naughty Dog Developers Share Their Favorite Games of 2020

Naughty Dog Developers Share Their Favorite Games of 2020

With 2021 officially kicking off, the developers at Naughty Dog look back and share their favorite games they played throughout 2020.

With the studio working fervently on one of last year’s biggest releases in The Last of Us Part II, thankfully the developers at Naughty Dog were able to get in some time playing games other than their own. Now that 2021 is moving full steam ahead, the studio is sharing some insight into the games that they played in the last year for motivation and enjoyment after the release of their long-awaited sequel.

In a blog post on the studio’s official website, several of the developers and employees of Naughty Dog shared their personal favorite games that they played throughout 2020 (of course, other than The Last of Us Part II). Overall, a number of last year’s best games all got a shout-out from many of the designers, developers, and studio heads at Naughty Dog including several first-party Sony titles and a number of third-party releases (both big and small).

Specifically, some of the titles that made the list include Astro’s Playroom, which earned a nod from art director Erick Pangilinan and development director Waylon Brinck, Demon’s Souls (highlighted by animation director Jeremy Yates), and Final Fantasy VII Remake (highlighted by character art director Ashley Swidowski). The directors of The Last of Us Part II also threw in their own recommendations for their favorite games of 2020 such as Neil Druckmann (Fall Guys), Kurt Margenau (Ghost of Tsushima), and Anthony Newman (No Man’s Sky).

The Last of Us Part II is available now exclusively on PS4.