Naughty Dog: “Games Have to Make Money”

Naughty Dog: “Games Have to Make Money”

In an interview with Justin Richmond, game director of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, the developer justified the use of an online pass in his upcoming game.

“[…]in general, we’re giving out a huge amount of content, and part of the reason for the online pass is that when that stuff goes online, it isn’t free. We have to pay for servers and all this different stuff to maintain it, and so at some point, you know, games have to make money. It is a business, and we just wanna be able to continue to provide that kind of content.”

He goes on to say that if they had not implemented an online pass system, the multiplayer portion of the game would have had to be sold as a separate product.

“[…]the other thing is that even if you do buy it used, it’s worth the price of that online pass just to get all that content, because there’s so much stuff. It’s either that or we offer online completely in its entirety also, so we have a complete offline package as well, so if you want to play the co-op with a friend, you can do that offline.”

Well there you have it, the multiplayer portion of the game is so substantial that the online pass was the cheapest way to give it to you. What do you think?