Naughty Dog Is Hiring for 3 Different Projects, Apparently

A mysterious tweet from The Last of Us director!

February 4, 2022

A recent tweet from Neil Druckmann reveals that Naughty Dog is hiring for three different games.

Since The Last of Us Part 2, we haven’t heard anything from Naughty Dog on their next big projects. The studio behind The Last of Us and Uncharted has been tight-lipped about its future titles for a while now.

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Although we do know that a standalone multiplayer experience from The Last of Us universe is in the works at the studio, a full announcement is yet to arrive.

However, it seems there is more going on in the studio at the moment!


Neil Druckmann Apparently Hints at Three Ongoing Projects at Naughty Dog

Recently, Neil Druckmann retweeted a job listing tweet from Naughty Dog and added a brief line to it that got many fans hyped about the studio’s next titles.

In his tweet, Druckmann mentioned that they are working on three different projects using only emojis. While it’s almost impossible to guess what the projects are, it’s great news for the community that Naughty Dog has some big surprises ahead.

Assumingly, one of those projects is the multiplayer version of The Last of Us series, but for the next two, we don’t really have a strong clue.

That being said, there were some rumors around a brand new IP from Naughty Dog a while back. Even with that, there is still one more project left unknown.

Currently, Sony has not announced any plans for a big showcase in the near future, but we have heard from multiple sources that Sony plans to hold an event for announcing some new projects as well as fully revealing PlayStation VR 2.

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