Naughty Dog “Responds” to Multi-Platform Madness

on August 3, 2010 3:00 PM

Naughty Dog

Recently a post on the internet made its way to the top slot on news aggregates stating that Naughty Dog (creators of the Uncharted franchise) was looking for game developers with Xbox 360 experience. This led way to the belief that perhaps the company would go multi-platform and sparked major debates numbering in the hundreds of responses. Turns out, as easily predicted by rational logic, Naughty Dog has no intentions of going multi-platform and made a quick remark recently reflecting so. Take a look at that comment below:

“Where is this rumor? Haven’t seen it. We’re also wholly-owned by SCEA since 2001, working on SCE consoles throughout our history”.

Not much to tell here other than the obvious. Seems that some people jumped to conclusions upon reading a racy headline which was attempting to pull a story out of thin air only to be squashed down by the official Naughty Dog account on a social networking tool. Thank you, come again!

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