Naughty Dog: Sony Manager Explains Recent Departures: “It’s a Daily Occurrence” in the Industry

Naughty Dog: Sony Manager Explains Recent Departures: “It’s a Daily Occurrence” in the Industry

Lately a few prominent developers have left Naughty Dog in order to pursue other endeavors, and each of those departures has found prominent purchase in the news. As a matter of fact it seemed that a few very visible media outlets purposely hunted down every single developer that decided to change job for one reason or the other in order to build an overarching (and probably quite profitable) narrative.

Recently Sony Asia Region Marketing Manager Naito Arata commented on Naughty Dog’s departures, explaining that they aren’t as much of a problem as many may think:

Lately developers leaving Naughty Dog have made the news often. In this the gaming industry and the movie industry in hollywood are the same. People move with every project, and this kind of movement is a daily occurrence.

After shipping a successful project like The Last of Us, developers will be in high demand and will be offered better salary.

I feel that the great thing about Naughty Dog is that they managed to keep their DNA and produce top quality products for 30 years in an industry where the exchange of top talent is this intense. You could say that all the staff shares the same “height of the hurdle”

It’s also because of the organization is structured like a small Japanese factory in the good old days… (or at least I think so, because I never worked in a small Japanese factory in the good old days, lol)

Arata-san knows Naughty Dog quite well, as he worked for years in the production and localization of Sony’s western games in Japan before becoming Marketing Manager, and that includes the Uncharted series and The Last of Us.

If you love Naughty Dog, you definitely shouldn’t worry too much. The sky isn’t falling.

On an unrelated side note, an alleged deleted tweet by Arata-san has been reported by a few websites, saying that he was excited to see The Last Guardian at E3. Today he claimed that the tweet is fake.

Fake tweet alert!!!

We did receive a tip about it ourselves, but the screenshot of the alleged deleted tweet seemed iffy and shown possible signs of counterfeiting (a few dots out of place and some suspicious blurring on the links), which is why we declined to publish it.