Naughty Dog’s Christophe Balestra Talks Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Multiplayer, Teases PS4 Beta

Naughty Dog’s Christophe Balestra Talks Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Multiplayer, Teases PS4 Beta

During Paris Games Week, Naughty Dog Co-President Christophe Balestra was interviewed by Sony Computer Entertainment France about the multiplayer of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and the upcoming beta.

You can see the full video at the bottom of this post. Since the interview is in French, I translated it for your perusal. I skipped the idle chat and kept only the relevant parts. You can read it below.

Interviewer: You came from Los Angeles to unveil the multiplayer. We knew that the multiplayer is going be available with the beta which is expected for December 4th. What did you reveal about the multiplayer? The other big announcement is that for the first time in the world, the game is playable here in Paris since the multiplayer mode can be tested here at the Playstation booth.

Christophe Balestra: Yes, it is true that everyone can come play to the multiplayer. We have 40 demo stations that people can use. I believe there is going to be a long waiting line, which is good for us. We wanted to talk about the multiplayer mode and announce it first, and announce as well what we added in this multiplayer mode, like the mystical abilities and sidekicks, which are two important things gameplay-wise and are going to change the game’s dynamic and what people are used to.

Interviewer: Besides weapons, we are going to have these mystical abilities and sidekicks. Let’s talk about mystical abilities first: What are they? Superpowers?

Christophe: Mystical abilities are a bit like… We wanted to re-use elements from the previous Uncharted games. I’m just going to give an example: there is the Wrath of El Dorado, which is something you can buy as you gain points when killing people in the game and so on. You can use these points to buy mystics. You can spawn it in the middle of the level and if guys from the other team are around, the Wrath of El Dorado is going to activate and spirits will get out of it to go attack them, etc. It allows to change the game dynamics: if a team has a tendency to camp a certain place, you can make them scatter. It is one of the mystical abilities that we created and that can be tested here.

Interviewer: You can try and explore them at the Playstation booth. The other new feature from Uncharted’s multiplayer mode are sidekicks, secondary characters, so that each character will have a pal who is going to follow them?

Christophe: Roughly speaking, it’s the same principle here. You can use your money also to spawn sidekick at a strategically relevant moment. There is a sniper, one who can help you revive people, one who has a big gun and will kill a lot of people but is also very slow, one who is a “hunter” who is going to hunt down guys from the other team to seize them by the neck so that you have a chance to kill them. Once again, it adds gameplay elements and lets people choose their very own playing style, as you can develop real strategies according to the mystical abilities and sidekicks you use. When you look at it team-wise, if everyone gears well and in a complementary way, there can be a really interesting teamwork.

Interviewer: In terms of game modes, in what kinds of game modes are we going to be able to use these mystics and sidekicks?

Christophe: For now, we only shown the “Team Death Match” but more game modes will be announced a little later. But don’t worry, many more are coming.

Interviewer: so the beta is coming on December 4th. Could you tell us a little about what content we will get between December 4th and 13th?

Christophe: Yes, so it will be on the PSN from December 4th to 13th. Content-wise, there will be two maps, and there will be more things that you will be able to do as how to unlock some things in the… I can’t really tell more than this. Metagame-wise, we will show a little more what we’ve done up to now. The idea is for people to try Uncharted, have fun and see what we’ve done, and we hope that they’re going to like it.