NBA 2K11 Will Rock 3D on PS3

By John Colaw

November 2, 2010

Do you already own a 3D TV and a Playstation 3? Well, 2K Sports wants to help you enjoy that even more by announcing today that beginning November 16th, NBA 2K11 will be available in a 3D version on the PS3 for those of you with the proper sets! If you don’t have a 3D TV the game will display normally, and there will be a free update for current versions of the game to implement the 3D sometime in January 2011; so don’t feel bad if you already bought it.

“The authentic broadcast presentation of NBA 2K11 is something we’re really proud of,” said Greg Thomas, president of product development for 2K Sports. “The new 3D capabilities literally add a new dimension to the experience and provide a level of immersion that has never been experienced in a basketball video game.”

If you still haven’t purchased this game you might want to grab this new 3D enabled version even if you don’t have the tech yourself at the moment. If our review of the game is anything to go by, I imagine most people who want this game already have it, so it’s nice to see that the patch will be available so as to not leave you sitting dry with a measly Two Dimensions.

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