NBA 2K22 Best Builds For MyPlayer

By Dean James

September 10, 2021

NBA 2K22 is here and MyPlayer is once again a central part of the game, which means knowing the best builds are very important when it comes to the success of your in-game career.

MyPlayer in both the current-gen and next-gen versions of the game lets you create your own player, with the next generation version utilizing the MyPlayer in even more modes than ever.

Finding the right builds for your player can be very difficult, so we have come up with some of the better builds that you can try out in the game and see how they work for you across a number of positions.

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NBA 2K22 | MyTEAM Trailer

NBA 2K22 | MyTEAM Trailer

Best Playmaking Shot Creator Builds In NBA 2K22

If you’re ready to ball out with a very good Playmaking Shot Creator, you’re going to want to build a Point Guard that the game considers similar to players like Steph Curry, Chauncey Billips, and Damian Lillard.

To get one of the best Playmaking Shot Creator builds, you’re going to want to go with a build similar to the one above if you want one of the best builds in NBA 2K22. This starts by picking your Skill Breakdown and Physical Profile from some pie charts when playing on the current-gen versions, which will not be present on the next-gen version.

For this play type, you will want to pick the only Skill Breakdown chart with an equal majority green and yellow for Shooting and Playmaking respectively, which should be the eighth one from the top. When it comes to Physical Profile, you can just stick with the one at the top of the list.

After you run out of Attribute points to use on your player, you will have a few other options that can affect your player’s stats as well. The first of these is height, which you want to keep at 6’3″ so that you don’t lose or gain any stats.

Next is weight, where you can choose to go down a lot to increase your speed, but going at right around 192 lbs will put you to where you don’t lose any stats.

You will then have to select your wingspan, which you are definitely going to want to drop down to 75.0″ to get increases in shooting, even at the cost of lessened Finishing and Defense/Rebounding.

The final thing you have to select is your Takeover between three options, with Spot Up Shooter being the one you want to pick here for this build.

Best Offensive Threat Build

Moving from Point Guard to Shooting Guard, we’re going to put together what is known as an Offensive Threat, which has shades of Richard Hamilton, Tyrese Haliburton, and James Harden.

When selecting the Skill Breakdown, pick the one that is almost a complete majority Playmaking with the other three all being the minimum. Then for the Physical Profile, select the top one once again.

When selecting the height of your player, going with the default 6’5″ is probably the best option due to the decreases you get for going taller, but you can go a little taller if you want that height advantage on the court.

The best weight seemed to be around 203 lbs, as that has a very good speed and doesn’t reduce strength too much.

With Wingspan, you can keep it at the default, but I’d go down to 79.7″, as it gives your shooting a little higher stats along with some strength.

This is the one build where the Takeover has two you could really go with, as either Playmaker or Slasher could work here.

Best Facilitating Finisher Build

For those looking to build a Small Forward as their MyPlayer, the Facilitating Finisher is a quality build you may want to work towards that is similar to Latrell Sprewell, Demar Derozan, and TJ Warren.

Starting off, select the Skill Breakdown start with an equal majority of Playmaking and Finishing. And as for most builds, you want to pick the top option for the Physical Profile chart.

For the height of your Facilitating Finisher, you can just keep it at 6’7″, as it’s not really worth adjusting for the stat increases and decreases that you get a result of changing it.

Adjusting the weight can make a difference in the build you are trying to get, as it could turn into a Pass-First Wing in some instances, but the best we found was to put your weight at 216 lbs to get a good balance of speed and strength here.

As almost always, maximize the Wingspan here to 89.0″ to get those extra boosts that help with only a few drops otherwise in stats.

When it comes to which Takeover to pick, you can pick the Playmaker option to help freeze defenders with your skills.

Best Glass Finishing Cleaner Builds In NBA 2K22

Let’s say you are looking to take it inside and replicate the style of one of the great players in the league right now with Giannis Antetokounmpo, you are going to want to build a Power Forward that fits under the Glass Finishing Cleaner Build in the game.

This is essentially going to play like a Center, but it’s much better to actually pick a Power Forward than a Center to build from. According to the actual build, it had shades of Shawn Kemp, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Jaren Jackson Jr.

To start, you’re going to pick the Skill Breakdown pie chart with the largest majority red for Def/Reb, along with the Physical Profile with an equal majority Vertical and Agility.

When it comes to height, there is little reason to increase the height of the player, as it hurts you more than it helps. Instead, drop your player down an inch from the default to 6’8″, as the difference in speed is really worth doing so even as the cost of lessened defensive stats.

For weight, you can go all the way down to 185 lbs if you want to for a little more speed, but I would go closer to 205 lbs to keep some strength up as well. And Wingspan you definitely want to maximize to 90.0″ here for your defensive prowess.

Lastly, select the Glass Cleaner Takeover of course and you will have your Glass-Cleaning Finisher ready to grab rebounds and put them back.

Best Paint Beast Build

The Glass Finishing Cleaner Build is good for working in and around the paint, but we’re going to take it a step further with a little better shooting in the Paint Beast Build that is similar to players like Elton Brand, Jaren Jackson Jr., and John Collins. Just like with the previous one as well, we will once again be using the Power Forward position here, as it’s much more efficient than the Center position when it comes to the best builds in NBA 2K22.

As for the Skill Breakdown to select, we went with the one that has an equal majority of Finishing and Def/Reb, as well as the top available Physical Profile.

When it comes to the additional stats you need to select, you will want to go with 6’9″ due to the fact the stat decreases are pretty exponential very quickly the taller you go.

With weight, bump it up to 280 lbs, which should be the max, as that will gie you additional interior defense, while not really decreasing much else of note. You will also want to increase the wingspan to the max of 91.0″ to get big increases on blocking and rebounds especially.

Even though we already have a Glass Finishing Cleaner Build, you’re also going to pick the Glass Cleaner Takeover here as it will pay the most dividends.

These are some of the best builds we found in NBA 2K22 so far that should help you do well in the game with your MyPlayer. There are bound to be plenty of great builds out there, so don’t hesitate to play around and find out what works best for you.

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