NBA Baller Beats Gets an Odd Launch Trailer

on September 10, 2012 6:38 PM

Majesco Entertainment today released their launch trailer for NBA Baller Beats, the first rhythm game where players bounce a basketball in front of a Kinect to keep rhythm (stay with me here). Featuring highlight footage from NBA games in lieu of any gameplay or cinematic footage from the game, the trailer gives absolutely no light into any aspect of the game aside from the fact that it’s related to basketball, and that the disembodied voice of TNT NBA analyst Kenny Smith may be involved in some sort of tip-giving or encouragement capacity.

This game is going to be an interesting experiment in just how much money can be doled out to licensors in the faint hope of making a profit. Short of NBA stars themselves, I highly doubt there’s a large cross-section of people who have the living room space necessary for such a game, an Xbox and Kinect, and a thriving passion to express how ballin’ they are to their DDR friends. It sounds like a horrific amalgamation of every movie about the spirit of competition that came out between 1998 and 2004 (including the cheerleading ones, the comedies, and Air Bud).

If you want to see absolutely nothing related to the gameplay, check the video below. Apparently NBA star Deron Williams will be giving a demonstration of the game tonight on BET, which inspires so many jokes I couldn’t possibly know where to begin. NBA Baller Beats hits shelves tomorrow, be sure to serve your friends and keep a magic eraser around for scuff marks, dawg.

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