NBA Jam Will Include Legends

NBA Jam Will Include Legends


In a recent interview with ESPN, creative director, Trey Smith details the single-player aspect of NBA Jam. When 2-on-2 matches have become boring, the upcoming title will include the Remix Tour Mode. There, players will face off against current NBA stars and NBA Legends in boss battles, something that has not been seen in any basketball game in the past.

Trey Smith states the following about some of the legends that make their way into NBA Jam, including one legend that has recently passed away:

More than 30. So far all I’m able to confirm are Bird, Magic, Hakeem Olajuwon, Dennis Rodman, James Worthy, Kevin McHale, Detlef Schremph, Spud Webb, and Manute Bol. Manute was such a special guy and did so much humanitarian work, when he died, that really broke our heart. It was important for us to get him in the game, and he’s such a great shot blocker in the game, which is so important in “Jam.” We’re very honored to have him in the game.

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