NBA Playgrounds Finally Gets Online Play on Nintendo Switch with New Update

NBA Playgrounds Finally Gets Online Play on Nintendo Switch with New Update

Two months and a free game later, NBA Playgrounds has finally gotten online play on Nintendo Switch alongside update 1.1.3.

NBA Playgrounds on Nintendo Switch had a quite tumultuous release. That version of the game launched without online play, and was met with middling reviews upon release; DualShockers’ very own Jordan Boyd gave the game a 5.5 in his review. The developers, Saber Interactive claimed online functionality would be coming shortly after launch, but it is now only being added to the game over two months after NBA Playgrounds released.

Those who bought NBA Playgrounds on Nintendo Switch before this update are even getting Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn for free as an apology from the developers for taking so long to release the update. Update 1.1.3 is finally adding online play to the game, and also brings along some other neat features with it too.

The inclusion of online play has allowed leaderboards and a Challenge mode to be added, alongside ranked play. In response to player feedback, Saber Interactive has also tweaked the shooting system. This includes redoing the timing of some shots, adding a meter to the game, and all around clarifying how the game’s mechanics work more. This update has also added fifteen new players to the game, including Isaiah Thomas and Dennis Rodman.

It is nice to see that the developers took the time to help bring the Nintendo Switch version up to par with the other console versions instead of leaving that version today, and if the new Shaq Fu coming to the system is any indication, I don’t think Saber Interactive plans on giving up on the Switch anytime soon. NBA Playgrounds is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.