NCSoft and Epic Games Sign Epic Unreal Engine 3 Licensing Deal; Largest in Asia To Date

on March 7, 2012 11:00 AM

North Carolina based developer Epic Games has orchestrated  a long term licensing agreement — the company’s largest ever signed in Asia — with South Korean MMORPG juggernaut NCsoft, wherein the Korean company will make use of the powerful Unreal Engine 3 in its future titles.

NCsoft made use of the Unreal Engine 2 in the extremely successful Lineage II, and plans to put the next iteration of the Unreal Engine to use in its highly anticipated title Blade & Soul.

The Unreal Engine is known for its cutting edge graphics, as well as it’s top notch developer’s kit and cross-platform scalability. Engine 3 already holds over twenty technology awards, including four Develop Industry Excellence Awards and eight Game Developer Front Line Awards.

Hyungjun Kim, vice president of NCsoft, says, “I believe we can pull the most out of the engine through the know-how that has accumulated through our experience with this superior game engine.”

Ray Park, territory manager of Epic Games Korea, agrees, adding “Equipping the brilliant creative minds at NCsoft with cutting-edge tools and features will bring even more visually stunning, high-quality entertainment to millions of players. Already having worked more than a decade with NCsoft, we look forward to continuing our close cooperation with them for many more years to come.”

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