NCSoft Offers Ordering Bonus for Aion Digital Magazine

on March 6, 2010 1:42 PM

NCSoft Offers Ordering Bonus for Aion Digital Magazine

See, World of Warcraft isn’t the only MMO around that can have its own magazine!  NCSoft’s hit MMO Aion is also receiving its own magazine, well, sort of.  This is an all-digital magazine, but it still comes with a subscription price!  Luckily when you place a subscription you’ll get some bonus in-game items, depending on which subscription you want.

If you pre-order the one-issue-at-a-time subscription, you’ll get your choice of five true black or true white dyes.  Either or, not both, unfortunately.  That is the bare-bones subscription, but if you pre-order you’ll at least get that.  However, the pot gets sweetened if you subscribe for six or twelve issues.

If you pre-order the six-issue subscription, in addition to those inks, you’ll receive 30 Greater Running Scrolls, 5 more black or white dyes and 1 Pilot Hat.  Of course, if you are really into the game and you want to go all out with the 12-issue subscription, you’ll receive quite a substantial in-game item set.  With 12 issues, probably one of the best things you get is this Wing Feather of Birth, which adds 60 seconds to your maximum flight time.  I spent some time with this game and, let me tell you, any boost to your flight time is good.  You’ll also get 10 additional white or black dyes, 1 pilot hat, 50 Greater Wind Serum and 50 Greater Raging Wind Scrolls.

So, if you fancy yourself an Aion aficionado, you might want to look into this, I know it sounds kind of lame that you’re not getting an actual physical magazine, but hey, the in-game items make up for it, don’t you think?  If you want more information, check out the official site of the Aion magazine.

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