Nearly 70% of Brink Copies Sold on the Xbox 360

Within its week of release, Brink has seen decent commercial acclaim but not so much on the critical side. However, most of its commercial acclaim was experienced by 360 owners; 69% of 360 owners to be exact. The PS3 only saw 23% of Brink sales and that is a huge margin regardless of personal preference. So obviously one factor had more to do with this gap than any other and that was the PSN outage. Although I can’t prove that statement with records and facts…is it that hard to believe otherwise? Lastly, the PC saw the remaining 8% of sales. Be sure to check out our Brink review within the coming days to decide whether or not you should add this “different” shooter to your collection.


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Kyle Durant

Pretty much your above average gamer who plays games profusely and appreciates them even more. Been gaming since the NES but is in love with anything PlayStation. No I am not a typical fanboy...I appreciate each system for their strengths and recognize their weaknesses. I just love the PS brand. (Think along the lines as someone who likes to read but loves one author in particular). Ever since my time as #2 in the world at Resistance 2, I have taken video games much more seriously. Don't get me wrong, I am a laid back, fun guy to game with...but I always play to win.

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