Nearly All Terrains Traversable in No Man’s Sky, Hello Games Shooting for 60FPS “Console Gameplay”

on January 14, 2014 11:49 AM

Despite the recent loss of their work in two floods, Hello Games are still talking about their high hopes for their surprise hit reveal at VGX 2013, No Man’s Sky. The developers have outlined some more of their goals for the upcoming project including having nearly all terrain traversable, and a console-like experience, sporting 60FPS.

For Hello Games Founder Sean Murray, creating traversable landscapes, “has been one of the hardest problems on this project to make something that doesn’t just look traversable, but looks interesting to traverse, that looks in many ways handmade, but can go on for miles and miles and still keep providing you with something you haven’t seen before,” he told Edge. Early versions of these environments were deemed far more alien and interesting, but brought terrible gameplay with them.

When it all comes together in the final product, the developers are hoping the complete experience elicits a, “feeling of responsiveness, of bounciness, of what I would call ‘console gameplay’…that’s how we want No Man’s Sky to feel: responsive, immediate, running at 60fps.” Murray has cited their previous project, Joe Danger, as a frame of reference.

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